what is senior executive dismissal

A senior executive dismissal may occur due to many reasons and an employment solicitors can help you massively within this sector.. These are redundancy, poor performance and the rights and responsibilities. The complications which normally arise are as follows:

1. Who makes the complete decision?

2. Does it is important to invite the director?

3. Do you need to hold the bold meeting in order to make the decision?

4. If you are a listed company then it is important to notify the market or not?

It is important to consider all the factors in order to approach this type of dismissal. While taking a decision if the person is not a director then the decision will be straightforward. But of the person is the director then check that his contract does not define that the notice has been given by a board. The best method in order to deal with such situation is to work out a plan including all the timings, contracts and presentations. Keep all the basic and important things in mind while dealing. The announcements which are going to made for the employees are also given. Information about the clients. The better you are planned the more you will stay away from all fuss and disturbance.